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What We Do

JN2 Technology’s services are designed and customized for our various clients in the financial services sector to help them deliver superior returns.

Data & Analytics

Credit Modelling

Loan & Security Valuation

Portfolio Risk Analysis

Risk Modelling & Forecasting

Market Data Services


How we are making an Impact

JN2 Technology is a nimble start-up. It develops and licenses data analytics related to agricultural real-estate loans, USDA guaranteed loans, SBA guaranteed loans, as well as loan/security valuation to investors for superior investment returns. 


Grow together

Our vision is “To Grow together.”

We want to improve our customers’ lending capabilities by providing the highest quality data, analytics, and models in a helpful way.

We earn our customer’s trust and safeguard their interests.

Our Culture

We strive to provide opportunities for employees to maximize their full potential and exceed their expectations through continuous improvement, investing in our employees to be critical participants in our future success.

Life-Work Balance

We encourage team members to manage their own time through our flexible work hours policy in order to maintain work-life balance, improved health and wellbeing, increased productivity, and job satisfaction.


We are committed to fostering an environment of teamwork, collaboration, open communication, mutual support, respect, and investment in each other’s success.

JN2 Tech encourages and recognises both team and individual accomplishments and leadership.

We Value our People

We take training, workshops, and other programmes seriously in order to invest in our people.


Our most valuable assets are our employees. We strive to foster a work environment of professionalism, trust, and respect in order to provide our employees with ongoing motivation, challenge, and professional growth.


We are focused, productive, accountable, and enthusiastic about our work.


Opportunities that will 10x your career graph

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